ByoSolutions is based on the Bring Your Own concept, though we say it like bio- as in biosphere or biodiversity.  ByoSol speaks to the sustainability culture of “bringing your own” cup to your favourite local coffee shop, your jars and other containers to your local grocery store or package-free refillery.   

​As individuals’ environmental consciousness has continued to increase, the desire and practice of BYO options has also increased.  COVID-19 has presented new challenges, but we are committed to overcoming these by facilitating a transition away from single-use, disposable items in a completely safe and health code-compliant way.  We are currently in talks with multiple stakeholders to implement systems to support this at scale starting right here in Charleston and the Lowcountry.  


What We Do

We are a sustainability startup specializing in environmental impact product-service systems.  We offer a range of related services including sustainable operations consulting and facilitation for foodservice and other businesses, sustainable development roadmapping, zero-waste event planning + resource recovery services, workshops, talks, and more. 

Contact us to learn how you can bring more sustainable practices to your operations or events.  Start the 2020s with Sustainable Development in mind and assess the environmental and social impacts of your operations today.


What does it mean to bring your own solutions?

ByoSol is a call to action, a reminder that what we do and how we live is inseparable from other life on this planet.  We take to heart the necessary transitions outlined in the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Targets to promote healthy relationships in our natural and built environments. 


In a time of increasing uncertainty, ByoSolutions invites you to build resilience into your operations.  To foster healthier communities and do your part to preserve our biosphere, let's think globally and act locally.  Make sustainability part of your 2020 vision and take action today. 

Rethink and redesign

Vision, Transparency, Resolve

The UN Sustainable Development Goals have set 2030 as a critical target for redesigning business as usual around the world.  This decade, we want to help you understand your role in this collective transition for your company, foodservice business, community organization, events, and more.

Recognizing where you stand in the larger picture and bringing more transparency to your operations is essential. Understanding that we can all do more to be a part of the solution is the first step in designing a sustainable development roadmap for your organization.  We are ready to work with you to make this happen. 

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